Tovah received her Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy from The Family Institute at Northwestern University in 2009. After graduating, she completed a 2 year fellowship at Womencare Counseling Center where she developed her specialty in treating complex, developmental trauma.

Tovah is the founder and co-owner of a trauma specialty group practice, Watch Hill Therapy, located in downtown Chicago. She is uniquely trained to work with individuals who are recovering from childhood emotional, physical, sexual trauma, neglect, dissociative process, somatic issues, and deep soul injuries. She also diligently works to understand the effects of historical trauma, structural abuse, dissociation, and relevant cultural realities that impact survivors such as denial, racism, sexism, transphobia, and the discrimination against the expression of one’s true self by society.

Tovah speaks and teaches regularly about treating trauma through local universities and Watch Hill Therapy, and enjoyed briefly teaching the Psychological Trauma course at Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Her interest in people and culture has sent her all over the world. She has lived in Ghana, West Africa and spent time in many other international countries with a wide diversity of economies, political leaders and uprisings, traumatic experiences, and spiritual beliefs. For many years she consulted a sex trafficking aftercare program in Cambodia and continuously consults mental health organizations and therapists in Chicago.

For an example of her speaking style, listen here to her teleseminar on the Core Elements of Traumatic Response.

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