While parenting is often rewarding, it brings unique challenges and stressors. Parents are often bombarded with conflicting information in regards to managing their children’s behavior. Consequently, parents are frequently left feeling unsure and frustrated. Furthermore, the birth of a child, and the demands that accompany a baby and young child, can trigger confidence issues and difficulties in parenting due to past traumas or experiences. Therapy at Watch Hill can help provide parenting support and guidance.

Adjustment to Parenthood


Behavioral difficulties


Helping children overcome:

  • difficulty adjusting to family changes
  • sleep, eating, or elimination problems
  • separation anxiety
  • excessive shyness
  • excessive anger, worry, sadness, or fear
  • behavioral regression
  • low self esteem
  • aggressive behavior (hurting others or self)
  • learning or other school problems

Marital problems

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Postpartum Depression

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