Navigating work with trauma survivors or in a traumatized environment can be overwhelming and complex. There are many unique factors that combine to ensure competency, treatment success, and fostering individual healing. The need for training, support, and guidance is essential to staying vital and relevant in the lives of those you are working with. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Strategic planning and implementation of trauma informed treatment services
  • Individual, supervisory, and staff training –Training on topics unique the the needs of the clients within the organization to build competency and resiliency in working with trauma survivors. Learn the impact on the clinician, parent, and/or organization on working with and caring for trauma survivors. Learn how to prevent compassion fatigue and work through vicarious trauma, increase productivity, value and prioritize self-care, become aware of red flags and pit-falls, and foster an environment that helps survivors flourish
  • Teaching & public speaking on trauma related topics
  • On-going consultancy for clinicians who work with trauma survivors
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