Watch Hill Therapy is a small group practice in downtown Chicago. The mission of the practice is to provide excellent, comprehensive services to trauma survivors with varying degrees of past trauma. The practice is expanding and we are seeking a highly qualified therapist to join our team.

Watch Hill Therapy offers individual, couple’s, family and play therapy, as well as EMDR and EFT. In addition, we provide teaching and consulting services. Therapists in the practice treat a range of issues directly related to traumatic stress (including childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and other parental or caretaker abuse, sexual assault, PTSD, dissociative disorders, etc.), as well as relationship issues, marital & divorce issues, self-harm, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, addictive disorders, anxiety, depression, attachment/family of origin issues, LGBTQ relationships and issues, and grief & loss.

Psychotherapist Requirements:

  1. Clinician must be fully licensed (LMFT, LCPC, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Psychologist) or nearing full licensure (within the next 3 months). Clinician would start with a small caseload and gradually develop to part or full time (12-25 treatment hours).
  2. Therapists in the practice are encouraged to pursue their own unique interests, populations, and specialties, but are all required to have a dedication to and experience with treating trauma survivors.
  3. Therapists must be committed to the following core values of the practice:
    • Clinical Excellence – Therapists committed to clinical excellence will exhibit a strong desire for learning, growing, and deepening their skills as a therapist by attending trainings, pursuing certifications of interest, engaging in outside consultation if needed, and maintaining other forms of professional development.
    • Trauma Centered – The clinician must have a basic therapeutic framework and foundation for treating survivors. With the understanding that clinicians are always deepening their skills and knowledge, candidates must at least have previous field experience in treating traumatic stress. The clinician must be trauma informed and open to discussing and exploring the client-therapist relationship.
    • Emphasis on Community and Consultation – Therapists at Watch Hill meet weekly (Wednesdays, 11-1pm), for group consultation, addressing both casework and professional development. Weekly attendance is required. In addition, therapists are required to attend quarterly marketing and professional development meetings led by the practice.
    • External Professional Engagement – Therapists are expected to collaborate and network with external professionals to provide holistic treatment and to maintain connections with the larger healing community. Therapists will occasionally attend outside events and meet with outside referral sources both individually and as a group.

4. Candidates should reserve a minimum of 8-10 hours of time per week for shifts at WH. Caseloads will start small with the opportunity to grow into full time positions. Therapists may not work in other groups or private practices but may work in other therapeutic settings as they build their caseload.

5. Therapists must complete and manage electronic notes, billing, and scheduling within 3 days of the appointment session.


  • Access to peer consultation and mentoring by practice owner
  • Yearly educational budget
  • Referrals and marketing that help build your caseload
  • Freedom to develop your own groups, workshops, outsideteaching/consulting, or other initiatives that the practice will help promote
  • Support to help with growth and identity as a therapist in private practice
  • A supportive environment that values self-care and collaboration
  • You are encouraged to build a caseload that is manageable; that you enjoy and that is most authentic to you.
  • Beautiful, modern office space in downtown Chicago. Easily accessible by numerous buses, trains, and nearby parking. Other expenses are also covered by the practice.
  • Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience

Other Information:

Please send your CV and cover letter to Tovah Means at Please discuss your definition and understanding of being trauma informed, what being a trauma therapist means to you (your experiences and identity as a trauma therapist, challenges, strengths), and the potential experiences that both excite and challenge you about working in group practice. We are very interested in qualified candidates that are open about their professional experience and that have a strong desire to provide high quality treatment to trauma survivors.

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